Amjo Corp Today
We are a distributor of many health oriented products ranging from Ultraviolet Phototherapy, Bright White Light Phototerapy, Lights for the treatment of Acne and other medically oriented products.

Owners: Chris & Cheryl Cane

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Outside the USA - We can help. We ship most products to just abouit anywhere in the world.

Our Web Store
Amjo's Shop:
Some of our products can be purchased on line at our shopping website. The site is The store as you might imagine is open 24/7. Call us by phone during the business day at 513-942-2770 between 8:00AM and 5:00 PM Eastern Time.

Amjo's Blogs:
Chris Cane, one of the owners of Amjo maintains some blogs on some of our focus products. Thes blogs are:
** focusing on UVB Narrow Band Technology
** focusing on UVB Narrow Band used in the treatment of Vitiligo.
** focusing on Pulsed Electro Magnetic Therapy Technology and products.

Better Business Bureau
BBB Cincinnati:
Cincinnati BBB A+ It takes time and effort to become an A+ Company with the Better Business Bureau. We've been a proud member now for just over ten years and the BBB moved us up to A+ and we want to stay there!